JUSTIN TRUDEAU: "I live this country—in my bones, every breath that I take—and I’m not going to stand here and somehow defend that I actually do love Canada, because we know I love Canada. The question is ‘what’s happening to our country?’ Why do millions of Quebeckers not see themselves in this government? Why do millions of women not recognise this country? Why do millions of young people disconnect from our politics, from our world? Because they do not like—they do not see the Canada that we built over decades reflected—not in the policies of this government, but in the values that this government is putting forward. This country is a country of openness, of respect, of compassion, of the rule of law, of the rights of the individuals, of freedom—freedom from fear, freedom from crime, freedom to love who you want and not be judged for it, freedom to do what you want with your body… We no longer see that… Canadians should be outraged… ‘Will Justin Trudeau fight with his very last breath to make sure this Canada stays the Canada that we collectively know it can be?’ Absolutely.” (Source)


I remember that time I was so happy I cried over a political candidate, announcing he would run for party leadership…

Harper’s been up to more shit. I’m exhausted of hearing that Canada is setting records for lowest involvement in scientific research and environmental protection, where we were once leading the world. It scares me to think that the only way we can fix a lot of it is through a Liberal (or, incredibly less likely than an already-unlikely thing, NDP) majority. That involves our country coming together to think logically about what we’ve done, what we’ve allowed to happen, and what kind of potential we still have if we can only come to an understanding, and make a one-eighty turn to redirect Canada toward all the values we used to hold highest.

I love Justin Trudeau, and I think he would make a great Liberal leader, and I also think that Marc Garneau is an excellent candidate. Without a current finalised platform, Justin has the passion, charm, commitment, and logic to win the leadership campaign and give the other parties hell in the debates, and, perhaps most importantly of all, to instil some of that excitement and care into the Canadian voters; Marc Garneau has the political and scientific experience Justin lacks, which might just do our country wonders, leaving only the question of whether or not he can drive that in such a way to make voters see what is happening right in front of us.

Needless to say, I am very excited about the prospects that these two men, and the elections of 2013 and 2015, may bring for Canada.

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    Usually I vote NDP but I’m sorta siding with Trudeau a lot.
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