Palin: Excuse me. Uh, did you say, 'knives'?

Cleese: Rotating knives, yes.

Jones: Are you proposing to slaughter our tenants?

Cleese: ...Does that not fit in with your plans?

great tv recommendations: monty python’s flying circus
↳ “I’ve noticed a tendency for this programme to get rather silly”

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Monty Python



finally, it has appeared on my dash

Well that was unexpected.

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“It’s… Monty Python’s Flying Circus.”

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This is a frightened city. Over these streets, over these houses hangs a pall of fear. An ugly kind of violence is rife, stalking the town. Yes, gangs of old ladies attacking fit, defenseless young men.

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I had a real bad case of Haiku once, but I got over it….

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